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Friday, May 23, 2008

Where Are You Now?

Mary Higgins Clark’s most recent light mystery is set in New York City where Charles MacKenzie Jr. disappeared ten years ago, just before his graduation from Columbia University. Since then, “Mack” phones his mother and younger sister Carolyn once a year, on Mother’s Day, to tell them that he is alright and that they should not try to find him. Carolyn, now a practicing lawyer, finally decides to bring closure for her mother and herself; she will investigate his disappearance on her own since the police and a private detective were not able to solve the case previously. Then, whether or not she does locate him, she and her mother will move on with their lives.
Carolyn becomes entangled with other missing person situations that might be connected to Mack’s circumstances. Does someone close to Carolyn know what happened to Mack? Is Mack’s former college roommate a potential romantic interest for Carolyn or is he Mack's kidnapper? Read this book and find out.

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