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Friday, May 29, 2009

True Detectives

The latest mystery written by Jonathan Kellerman, this book features the return of Los Angeles police detective Moses Reed and private investigator Aaron Fox, half brothers and bitter rivals. They were introduced to readers in Kellerman’s last “Alex Delaware” novel; here the characters and the plot are so well-developed that you won’t miss Alex and his friend Milo Sturgis this time around.

When a young woman disappears, a wealthy client contacts Aaron to get some answers for the girl’s father, his employee. Moses gets involved too; this disappearance is a continuation of a police case he was unable to crack earlier. Despite the enmity between Aaron and Moses, they realize that they work well together and a new-found respect for one another develops. The tightly-woven conundrum unravels as the duo discover several sinister individuals and nefarious doings that would be shocking even to Los Angeles’ relaxed moral code. Good triumphs over evil however, when the case is solved. Also, the reader is pleased to witness the brothers’ journey along the road to psychological growth.

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