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Monday, January 30, 2012

City of Masks

City of Masks by Daniel Hecht

City of Masks is the first in a series of ghost detective stories featuring paranormal detective Cree Black. Cree, after experiencing a terrible tragedy, discovers she has the ability to commune with the spirits of the dead. She uses her ability to try to dispel these spirits and put them to rest.

City of Masks takes place in New Orleans, LA. Cree is hired by Lila Beauforte Warren to investigate a strange manifestation in her family’s 150 year old French Quarter mansion. Cree’s search for ghosts leads her to uncover an array of family secrets that the Beauforte’s matriarch, Lila’s mother, would rather keep hidden.

This book combines spooky ghost manifestations with mystery and would be liked by reads of both genres.

About the Author

Born in New York, Daniel Hecht is an ex-guitarist turned writer. His first book was Skull Session, published in 1998. Hecht holds a MFA from the University of Iowa and currently lives in Vermont. There are currently 3 books in the Cree Black series.


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