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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Imagine: How Creativity Works

       It is a misconception that only a few individuals are truly creative, and that they are born with this trait. Creativity is within reach of all humans; author Jonah Lehrer describes how we can attain this higher level of thinking.

       What is necessary to expand creative thought? Lehrer reveals these techniques chapter by chapter. One is thinking outside the box. Another is relying on the right side of the brain; this hemisphere emphasizes insight over analysis. Others include relaxation, enjoying a different perspective through travel, collaborating with others, receiving constructive criticism, working in densely populated environments much like large cities, and more. Lehrer describes fascinating examples of creative individuals at work in the arts, sciences, businesses, schools, and other domains. At the end of the book, Lehrer admits that the creative process is never easy but is very necessary for future human advancement.

       Jonah Lehrer is a journalist (New York Times, Nature, New Yorker, and Scientific American) contributing editor (Wired) and author of books on the topics of psychology and neuroscience.

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