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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think

     Forget those doom and gloom predictions about the future! Author Peter H. Diamandis, the chairman and CEO of the X Prize Foundation, chairman of Singularity University and founder of several space and high tech companies, makes use of his expertise in a wide range of sciences and technologies to reassure us that the time is fast approaching when all of humanity’s basic needs will be met and then some.

     In co-authorship with award-winning journalist Steven Kotler, Diamandis describes how the knowledge bases in such areas as artificial intelligence, robotics, computing, digital manufacturing, medicine, nanotechnology, energy, food production, and many others have been growing exponentially. In turn, solutions will be developed for such problems as water and air pollution, starvation, scarcity of medical care and limited educational opportunities. Strengthening social forces such as the DIY innovator, Technophilanthropists (such as Bill Gates), and the Rising Billion (third world citizens who will advance thanks to their cell phone and Internet connections), will provide the impetus.

     Detailed references and notes and a comprehensive index at the end of the book support the reader’s further research.

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