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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guilt: An Alex Delaware Novel

     A dead infant is discovered, after being buried for more than sixty years, on the property of an old house undergoing gentrification. This event demands the attention of Lt. Milo Sturgis and his associate, psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware, even though there isn’t enough evidence with which to work. But more discoveries await; a few days later another infant’s body is found in a park, with a woman’s body nearby. The two incidents are not related; but since the resolution of the second crime is more likely, Sturgis and Delaware concentrate their efforts on solving this one.

     Some tenacious detective work leads to the discovery that the woman is not the infant’s mother, but is a nanny to the children of one of Hollywood’s most well-known couples, Prema Moon and Donny Rader. Their family life is not as it appears to the world. Alex is able to gain information and insight into the case by gaining Prema’s trust and taking her on as a patient. Then the action begins and the chips fall into place. As usual, Alex and Milo satisfactorily wrap up this case; they even are able to solve the sixty-year-old mystery death thanks to Alex’s sharp observational skills. This is another superb mystery written by author Jonathan Kellerman; one that will leave the reader wanting more.

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