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Monday, September 16, 2013

W is for Wasted

    As she nears the end of the alphabet, author Sue Grafton continues to add layers to the character of Kinsey Millhone, accentuating the depths of her personality. Yet again, Kinsey investigates the untimely deaths of others and resolves the mysteries surrounding them. The two deaths in this book are those of a homeless man, R.T. Dace, who perhaps died of natural causes, and Pete Wolinsky, a private investigator with less than sterling ethics who was thought to have been shot as a victim of a robbery.

    Kinsey discovers that Dace is a cousin from her father’s side of the family; Dace, estranged from his children has left an inheritance to Kinsey instead. Mayhem results when the Dace children discover this. Kinsey also becomes involved with Dace’s three homeless friends.

    Meanwhile, Robert Dietz, Kinsey’s former boyfriend who also is a P.I., shows up in town. He has been bilked out of payment for a job done in Reno for Pete Wolinsky. Dietz and Kinsey investigate and discover that Wolinsky was murdered. Thoughtful examination of the clues, skillful interviewing and a lot of activity result in the discovery of a link between the two deaths and the capture of a murderer. The adventure with Kinsey is as enjoyable as ever.

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