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Monday, December 9, 2013

CIA Thrillers, Part Two

    Here are some more novels of suspense, featuring the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Multiple Exposure: a Sophia Medina Novel is written by Ellen Crosby. When her husband, a geologist and covert CIA operative, is abducted and potentially a suspect in his boss’s murder and illicit Russian oil deals, photojournalist Sophie Medina is forced to play a high-stakes game of Russian roulette as she tries to prove his innocence.

    Downfall is written by Jeff Abbott. Compelled to assist a beautiful woman who whispers a plea for help in his San Francisco bar, former CIA agent Sam Capra is pursued by authorities and a secret network of people who owe their wealth and power to a mysterious Faustian figure.

    English Girl: a Novel is written by Daniel Silva. The wayward son of Israeli intelligence, Allon is plunged into a high stakes game of murder, espionage and corruption after a beautiful young British woman vanishes on the island of Corsica, which threatens to destroy a prime minister’s career.

    Blowback: a Vanessa Pierson Novel is written by Valerie Plame Wilson. Narrowly escaping a sniper attack that leaves a key informant dead, covert CIA ops officer Vanessa Pierson resolves to capture the nuclear arms dealer behind the killing and defies orders by involving a fellow officer with whom she is romantically involved.

    A Foreign Country is written by Charles Cumming. When a newly appointed first female Chief of M16 disappears weeks after two possibly related cases, disgraced former M16 officer Thomas Kell is offered a chance to redeem his career by conducting a discreet operation that uncovers a shocking conspiracy.

    The Secret Soldier is written by Alex Berenson. CIA operative John Wells goes undercover in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon to find conspirators bent on tearing down the monarchy of King Abdullah. If the conspirators prevail, it will mean more than just the fall of a monarch – it may be the start of a final conflagration between America and the full force of Islam itself.

    Red Sparrow: a Novel is written by Jason Matthews. Drafted against her will to serve the regime of Vladimir Putin as an intelligence seductress, Dominika Egorova engages in a charged effort of deception and tradecraft with first-tour CIA officer Nathaniel Nash before a forbidden attraction threatens their careers.

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