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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dog Days: Books about Canines

            Here are some recently published books about “man’s best friend”. Learn what makes them tick and how to ensure their health and safety.

How Dogs Love Us: a Neuroscientist and his Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain, written by Gregory Berns. He is a medical doctor who has used MRI imaging technology to research how the human brain works; in this book he describes his experiments using MRI to study the canine brain.
Medicine Dog: the Miraculous Cure that Healed My Best Friend and Saved My Life is written by Julia Szabo, a journalist who writes on pet topics. When her dog Sam suffered from severe osteoarthritis, Julia researched and found a medical technique called Vet-Stem that uses the dog’s own stem cells to regenerate the joints. Since Szabo was a lifelong sufferer of chronic inflammatory bowel disease, she decided to see if the same technique could help her own medical condition. She found a physician who cured her perirectal fistula with stem cells.

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel: Best Destinations, Hotels, Events, and Advice to Please Your Pet – and You is written by Kelly E. Carter and published by National Geographic. Divided into chapters covering the different regions of the U.S. and Canada, each consists of listings that include descriptions of hotels, services and activities designed for dogs. Attractive color photos add to the reading experience.

Canine Cuisine
Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dog: the Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals is written by Lew Olson, a raiser of dogs and American Kennel Club judge. From covering canine nutritional needs, to feeding your dog through all stages of life, to remedial diets made simple, this book covers it all.
The book Dog-Gone Good Cuisine: More Healthy, Fast, and Easy Recipes for You and Your Pooch is written by Gayle Pruitt, who also has written The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook. The recipes are designed for both canines and humans and cover breakfasts through dinners as well as desserts and juices. Recipes are accompanied by color photos of rescue dogs.

Paleo Dog: Give Your Best Friend a Long Life, Healthy Weight, and Freedom from Illness by Nurturing His Inner Wolf is written by Jean Hofve, DVM. She explains what the healthy canine diet should be and presents some recipes exemplifying this. Other canine health topics are discussed too.




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