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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Romantic Suspense

           Romantic suspense novels are popular with many readers because of their pleasing combination of the elements of romance, mystery, and thriller. Here are some recently published selections.
            Beyond the Sunrise, written by Mary Balogh, tells the story of teens in a love that cannot be because the hero is of illegitimate birth. Eleven years later, during the Napoleonic wars, they meet again as spies on opposing sides. Despite this, their passion still lives.
            The Devil’s Own, is written by Sandra Brown. In the book, the heroine Kerry must rescue nine orphans from a South American war zone. She asks Linc, who she thinks is a mercenary soldier, to help them escape; not knowing that he really is a renowned photojournalist.
            The book Facing Fire: Bad Boys Under Cover is written by HelenKay Dimon. It is the story of Josiah, a member of an elite black-ops group “The Alliance”, who meets up with Sutton, a Baltimore private eye. They have a common goal: to capture a killer who has murdered the relatives of both of them.
            In Curious Mind: A Knight and Moon Novel, written by Janet Evanovich, financial analyst Riley and genius Emerson join forces to uncover an embezzlement scheme at the bank at which Riley works.

            Beautiful Storm, written by Barbara Freethy, is the story of news photographer and storm chaser Alicia, who thinks she has witnessed a murder occur during lightning flashes. However, the police cannot find the body. Alicia investigates on her own with the help of Michael, a member of Miami’s Cuban-American community. 

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