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Friday, March 31, 2017

Heartbreak Hotel: An Alex Delaware Mystery

            Join Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis in their latest murder mystery, the 32nd in the series written by Jonathan Kellerman. Alex, who is a renowned child psychologist and a consultant to the Los Angeles police department, receives a phone call from an unlikely client. Her name is Thalia, she is nearly 100 years old, and she needs his services as a psychologist. They meet at her home, a luxury suite in a once-grand hotel, where Thalia poses a few tantalizing questions to Alex and promises to tell all the next day at their follow-up appointment. But when Alex returns he discovers that she has died. Alex is suspicious that Thalia’s death wasn’t natural; a coroner’s report reveals that she was murdered.
           Now Alex’s best friend, Lieutenant Milo Sturgis of the LAPD is on the scene. They work together to determine why someone would want to murder Thalia, discovering that her life experiences weren’t what they expected and included consorting with a criminal and money laundering. But Alex and Milo can verify that Thalia was basically a good person; they find who is behind her murder and bring them to justice.

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