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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Fiction With 3M E-Books

             If you enjoy reading e-books, take a look at some of the new novels available through our library’s subscription with 3M books. They include:
            Deep Freeze, written by John Sandford, is the tenth book in the Virgil Flowers series. Here, Virgil investigates the death of a woman found frozen in a block of ice, on the eve of her twenty-fifth high school reunion in Trippton, Minnesota.
            Enemy of the State: A Mitch Rapp Novel, is written by Kyle Mills and based on the character created by the late Vince Flynn. Rapp, a CIA operative, goes undercover to thwart a plot by the nephew of Saudi Arabia’s king to support ISIS.
            Fairytale is written by Danielle Steel. Camille is the young adult daughter of a happily married couple who own a vineyard in Napa Valley, California. When the mother dies from cancer, the father is quickly ensnared by a charming Frenchwoman. True to fairytale style, after their marriage the father dies and Camille is at her step-family’s mercy for her legacy and her life. She then receives support from an unlikely source.
            Manhattan Beach, written by Jennifer Egan, is a combination thriller and historical novel, spanning from the Great Depression through World War Two. Here, Anna is a diver at the Brooklyn Naval Yard, where she also becomes involved with organized crime.
            Origin, by Dan Brown, returns Harvard professor Robert Langdon to his fifth adventure where he searches for answers to the question “where does humanity come from?” It involves research into symbology, science, religion, and other disciplines.
            Sing, Unburied, Sing is written by Jesmyn Ward. Living with his grandparents and sister on a Gulf Coast farm, Jojo navigates the challenges of his mother’s addictions and his grandmother’s cancer before the release of his father from prison prompts a road trip of danger and hope.
            Sleeping Beauties is written by both Stephen King and his son Owen King. They describe a place in the near future where most women succumb to a sleeping disease, while wrapped in cocoons and at peace. In turn, men instead return to a primal state. In this setting of men comes Eve Black who does not yield to this illness. The men do not know whether to treat her as a demon or a lab specimen.
            You can access these and other e-books on our library’s website at

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