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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Lost Years: A Novel

     Mary Higgins Clark is the author of over thirty suspense novels featuring self-reliant young career women who are able to emerge triumphant from attacks by criminals and other evil individuals. In The Lost Years, we find Mariah Lyons reeling from the murder of her biblical scholar father Jonathan Lyons; it appears that he was killed by Kathleen, his wife of forty years and an Alzheimer’s disease sufferer. But appearances aren’t always as they seem. Although police initially believe that Kathleen is the culprit because of her enraged feelings towards Jonathan and his mistress Lillian, another possible motive soon is revealed. Jonathan may have discovered an extremely rare document from biblical times, a letter from Jesus to Joseph of Arimathea. If this document was real, Jonathan intended to return it to the Vatican Library. But perhaps the exorbitant amount of money an article of this value could earn in the marketplace might tempt someone to murder. Jonathan’s discovery may have been shared with his inner circle of friends, four men who also are biblical scholars and Lillian.

     Short, rapidly-paced chapters follow the suspense as seen through the eyes of each character in turn, reaching a peak of excitement and a satisfactorily happy ending. Although the book might not be considered fine literature, Clark does have a fortunate talent for concise character depiction and lush description of the visual.

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