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Monday, May 6, 2013

Daddy's Gone a Hunting

   Mary Higgins Clark, the mistress of romantic suspense, has produced yet another novel featuring a young woman entangled in a dangerous situation. By now we know that the heroine will survive and succeed through the use of her intelligence and high moral standards. But it’s always fun to let the momentum of the plot (short chapters, rotation of characters narrating the story) and lushly descriptive settings create an exciting reading experience.

     In this story, Hannah Connelly is beside herself with worry when her twin sister Kate is found in the explosion/fire of their family’s antique reproduction factory building, along with Gus, a disgruntled craftsman, now retired. Gus is killed and Kate is critically injured. Did Gus cause the massive destruction? Kate? Who else could it be? The reader eventually finds out; also, two other minor mystery plots involving missing persons are featured and the solutions brought to light. We get three mysteries for the price of one.

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