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Friday, April 4, 2014

Crafted by Hand

Crafting can be the act of expressing yourself while creating an object to satisfy a physical need. The following books show the beauty of crafts when they combine excellence of design with function.

Beautiful LEGO, written by LEGO artist Mike Doyle, is a collection of color photos illustrating the works of eighty artists whose works range from realistic to abstract. Brief biographical interviews with the artists also are included.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Metal Jewelry, written by Nancy Lee, guides the beginner through the setup of a workspace, including selection of tools and equipment. The reader then learns about the qualities of the metals and how to manipulate them, followed by instruction on adding textures, colors, gems and more. Complete instructions for ten projects are included.

Fabrigami: the Origami Art of Folding Cloth to Create Decorative and Useful Objects is written by Jill Stovall and others. Color photos and detailed diagrams teach the reader how to create fun, imaginative objects suitable for gifts or home d├ęcor.

Woodworking Techniques: Projects for the First-Time Woodworker is written by John Kelsey. Learn the seven fundamental woodworking skills, and then jump right in by choosing one or all of the twenty-three projects presented. Color photos aid in the presentation.

Zany Wooden Toys Reloaded!: More Wild Projects from the Toy Inventor’s Workshop is written by Bob Gilsdorf. After a brief review of woodworking basics, the reader is presented with eight projects, each including a list of the necessary materials and tools, patterns and diagrams, color photos and ideas on how to play with the toys.

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