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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Mysteries

      The psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware and LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis return to solve another appalling murder in Killer: an Alex Delaware Novel, written by Jonathan Kellerman. Two women, physician Constance Sykes and her sister Cherie, fight for custody of Cherie’s daughter. Alex is called in to evaluate the child’s psychological well-being and the fitness of the mother to retain guardianship of her child. Alex rules in the mother’s favor. Constance exacts revenge by taking out a hit on Alex. Discovering this, Milo moves in on Constance, only to find out that she’s been murdered. Has Cherie killed her, or someone else? Then, Cherie and her daughter disappear. As usual, the murderer is not who we think it is. Quick plot twists and lots of action keep the reader moving towards the satisfying conclusion.

        I’ve Got You under my Skin, written by Mary Higgins Clark, presents another youthful heroine, Laurie Moran, who is a television producer and single mother. When Laurie’s husband was murdered five years ago the killer told her son that he would be back to kill them both. Laurie’s father, a retired NYPD official, spends his days trying to protect them. Laurie starts production of her new reality show based on true crime, cold-case murders. The first episode to be filmed is about the murder of a wealthy Westchester socialite after she had hosted a college graduation party for her daughter and her three friends. The principal players from twenty years ago are invited back to recreate the murder scene. Old animosities reappear and tensions arise; the murderer from twenty years ago is among this group and will strike again. Meanwhile, Laurie’s husband’s murderer shows up too. Action, suspense and romance make this an enjoyable read.


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