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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gone Girl

     A seemingly perfect love story at the start, the relationship between Nick and Amy Dunne has taken a wrong turn by their fifth wedding anniversary. Author Gillian Flynn presents their stories, in alternating first-person narrative chapters, from their first meeting to Amy’s disappearance on their anniversary day.
    Nick dutifully reports Amy’s disappearance to the police but within a few days he is the chief suspect in the case. He finds himself ostracized by the townspeople, officials, the media and the world; all suspecting him of murder. Nick’s only support comes from his twin sister Go and even she isn’t entirely sure of his innocence.
    All is not as it seems as we learn of lies told by both Nick and Amy. Twists and turns abound as the mystery progresses and the ending is unexpected yet unsurprising.
    All of Flynn’s characters, major to minor, are well-drawn and the dialog is realistic. Sarcastic barbs are aimed at several subjects, from Amy’s lovey-dovey perfect parents, to the media, and others; giving a humorous touch to this mystery/thriller.

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