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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Ideas in Gardening

            Each year brings new book selections on gardens and gardening. This year is no different – ideas on plant selection, layout, care and garden building projects can be yours with these titles.
            Plant this Instead!: Better Plant choices – Prettier – Hardier – Blooms Longer – New Colors – Less Work – Drought-Tolerant – Native is written by Troy B. Marden. Here, the reader is introduced to the recently developed plants and cultivars that will add excitement to your garden. Each selection is accompanied by planting requirements, product trademarks, and color photos
            Cultivating Garden Style: Inspired Ideas and Practical Advice to Unleash Your Garden Personality is written by Rochelle Greayer. Your garden can be a decorating statement! Just leaf through this book to see the many gardens dreamed up and developed by artists, designers, and homeowners the world over.  Craft projects and outdoor accessory ideas are included. Color photos abound.
            Gardens in Detail: 100 Contemporary Designs is written by Emma Reuss. Visit the gardens of the wealthy from around the world, all lovingly described through text and color photos. Designer, year completed and location are given for each garden.
            The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects is written by Spike Carlsen. It features 76 projects, arranged in chapters with such themes as garden tools, harvesting and food prep items, storage and workspaces, and more. Each project is presented with a list of required materials, detailed instructions and drawings
            Backyard Building: Treehouses, Sheds, Arbors, Gates and other Garden Projects is written by Jeanie and David Stiles. From the basic (picnic table, gates), to the playful (treehouses and playhouses), to the advanced (artist’s studio) – each project is accompanied by color photos, detailed drawings, and comprehensive instructions.

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