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Monday, February 29, 2016

Breakdown: An Alex Delaware Novel

            Dr. Alex Delaware, psychologist and consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department, gets a blast from the past when he receives a call about Zelda Chase, once a successful yet psychologically fragile TV actress but now a homeless person. Six years before, Alex was asked by Zelda’s psychologist, a friend of Alex, to observe her five-year-old son Ovid to determine if it was safe for him to remain under his mother’s care. Alex concluded that it was.

            Then, Alex is contacted again when Zelda turns up dead on the grounds of a palatial estate owned by a woman with an alibi. Lieutenant Milo Sturgis, Alex’s friend from the LAPD, is called in to investigate. Zelda’s death is originally thought to be caused by eating a poisonous plant; but then other dead bodies start to turn up. Alex is worried; what has happened to Ovid, now an eleven-year-old boy. Has he also been murdered?

            As Alex and Milo dig deeper, other secrets are uncovered. With their perseverance, the killers are brought to justice and a surprise denouement neatly wraps up the story.

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